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What Are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

For those with dental issues, Montreal veneers offer some hidden benefits that many don’t consider because they aren’t aware of them.

The most obvious is an improved appearance. Dental veneers provide a natural, authentic look, and the

confidence boost that provides can often be worth far more than the price of the veneers themselves.

But the benefits of veneers go far beyond appearance. They can cover up a number of flaws in damaged teeth, including cracks, chips or discoloration. They can also close gaps between teeth to improve a smile and dental health in general.

Another benefit is the relative ease of the installation process. Crowns are complicated, and so are implants. They take time to put in, and they can require a significant amount of drilling and alteration of what’s left of the existing tooth.

The ability to prevent discoloration is also a significant benefit when it comes to other dental issues. A good dentist can analyze your bite and tell you where your teeth are contacting food and beverages, and where the most damage is being done. Veneers can help change that, and if they’re properly protected they can provide excellent protection for years to come.

The simplicity of the procedure should also be considered, too. Most of the time getting veneers involves a visit or two for evaluation, after which the dentist will take an impression so the veneers can be designed and fitted with the necessary level of precision. The veneers are also color-matched so that they’ll work with your existing enamel and provide a lasting look that will fit and be attractive.

Yet another benefit of dental veneers is that they tend to resist stains better than regular teeth. This is because the material they’re made of is non-porous, so it also tends to resist cavities better as well.

In addition, gum tissue tends to adapt well to porcelain veneers, which is much different than some of the rejection issues that can come with implants and the discomfort that sometimes comes with crowns.

It’s also important to remember that dental veneers need to be carefully maintained, though. You still need to floss, brush and get regular dental exams so the dentist can verify the ongoing integrity of the veneers and of your bite.

But the most important thing to remember with Montreal veneers is that you need a great dentist to put them in. Someone who understands the process and has the skill to put give you the best possible solution to your dental issues if veneers are the right option.