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What Is The Difference Between A Celtic Knot Or Trinity Knot


Celtic knots are those beautiful symbols you see that have overlapping, never-ending lines. This is symbolic of the unending nature of life. Just think about the Triquetra (or Trinity) Knot, which symbolizes the interconnection of the mind, body, and spirit. Well, the same is true for love.

Origins of the Celtic Knot

So, where exactly did the Celtic Love Knot – and Celtic knots in general – come from? Celtic knots date from about 450 AD, which was when Christianity began to take hold and influence Celtic cultures. A lot of early Christian art pieces include variations of the Celtic knot.

It is possible that the Celtic knot dates even farther back in history, possibly to around 500 BC, but there is still no concrete proof of this. However, it is apparent that the Celtic knot was widely used by Romans on their mosaic floors by the third century AD. The knots are beautifully woven into these designs, forever linking art and Celtic spirituality.

By the 7th century AD, the Celtic knot had spread to Gaul and Italy. Some cultures interpreted the knots differently. While Romans sometimes showed loose ends, the Celtic knots from Ireland are completely fluid.

What Does the Celtic Love Knot Symbolize?

It is most likely that these knots were developed for both secular and religious reasons. With some of these knots, it is hard to tell what they were designed to represent. Of course, the Celtic Love Knot symbolizes the never-ending nature of love. Real, true love has no beginning or end; it is a series of interwoven lines. The lines are the unbroken bonds shared between two people who love one another.

The Celtic Love Knot shows two intersecting, interwoven heart shapes. Quite interestingly, it is thought that the ancient Celts exchanged these knots (perhaps even as a Celtic Love Knot charm) just like how we exchange rings during a wedding.

Can the Celtic Love Knot Attract Your Soulmate?

The Celtic Love Knot is not limited to long-established romantic partners. Many have found that using a Celtic Love Knot charm has helped them attract their true love or make repairs to a broken relationship. Wearing one of these knots can help, but just keep in mind, you have to do some of the work, too! The knot is a great reminder of the love we all want to have in our lives and what drives us to rediscover our soulmates.

The Celtic Love Knot is beautiful and symbolic of something that transcends one culture. Love is infinite, and the Celts seemed to have known this very well. Owning a Celtic Love Knot charm is a wonderful thing, as it provides a reminder of the nature of love.
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